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Getting Things Done (GTD) Notion Template

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Easlo's Notion template transforms Notion into a robust system for navigating your to-do list with unparalleled clarity. Garnering a remarkable 4.98/5 rating from over 1,900 customers, this template is celebrated for its intuitive design and efficiency in task management.

Inspired by GTD® Method

This Notion template is meticulously crafted around the principles of the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) method by David Allen, ensuring a structured approach to productivity:

  1. Capture: Effortlessly store incoming tasks in your inbox for later processing.
  2. Process: Quickly determine whether items are actionable tasks, projects, or references.
  3. Organize: Sort your tasks by dates, projects, or contexts for easy access.
  4. Review: Regularly update your task lists and references to keep everything current.

Key Features for Enhanced Productivity

  • Areas of Life: Manage both professional and personal projects with ease.
  • Task Batching: Group similar tasks to minimize context switching.
  • Quick Capture: Instantly note down new ideas and tasks.
  • Filtered Views: Customize views with filters to display precisely what you need.

Comprehensive Task Management Tools:

  • Inbox: A space to clear your mind by capturing thoughts and ideas.
  • Calendar View: Schedule and oversee tasks in a visual calendar layout.
  • Next Actions: Easily access a list of immediate tasks with quick filters.
  • Waiting For List: Keep track of pending tasks at any given time.
  • Someday List: Store tasks and ideas that aren't immediately actionable.
  • Contexts & Priority: Define the context and prioritize tasks for efficient execution.
  • Reminders & References: Set reminders and maintain a list of informational references.

Pricing for Lifetime Access

  • Individuals: $49 for an all-in-one dashboard, unlimited tasks and projects, future updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Teams: $149, including everything in the Individuals package plus support for team features.

Transform your approach to productivity with Easlo's Notion template. Unlock lifetime access with a one-time payment and start managing your tasks like never before.